Weddings | What’s With the Bourbon?

The legend of the bourbon…
There is a long-standing tradition at the Yacht Club that burying a bottle of bourbon upside down in the ground at the site of the wedding one month (to the day) and at the exact time of the wedding will bring good weather and luck for the wedding day. The bride, groom, family members and even pets join together for the ceremonial burying using the official “bourbon shovel.” On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom will dig up the bourbon while surrounded by the bridal party, family and friends. After the bride and groom sip from the bottle, it is passed around to the surrounding supporters! The bride and groom sign and date the shovel as the official “Mr. & Mrs.” To date, the legend of the bourbon remains true and the happy couple have been blessed with good weather. Always have faith in the bourbon!

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