Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I be able to track my guest charges to my club account?
A. YES. The member will receive statements specific to each of their guests charges with their May statement, thus providing you the information for reimbursement, should you so choose.

Q. Are transportation packages transferable from one guest to another?
A. Yes, but not within the same day.

Q. What does the “all inclusive” price for the Thursday night and Friday night special events include?
A. Any and All of the following: All food and beverages – including an open bar (various liquor, beer and wine).

Q. Can I buy tickets to the tournament from the Yacht Club? 
A. YES. You may purchase multiple day and single day tickets to the tournament in the Yacht Club Ship Store with cash, check or by member charge.

Q. How do I know where and when to get on the island transportation?
A. Trolleys and buses will pick up on the island at all even beach paths with the exception of Beach Path 26 and 28. The trolleys will stop at the intersection of Beach Road North and Surf Court, and Beach Road North and Comber Road to accommodate the excluded beach paths.

Q. Why do you need all member and guests email addresses?
A. To communicate quickly and effectively with news on an as needed, perhaps hour-by-hour basis.

Q. Will I need to use my personal vehicle for transportation?
A. The objective of this plan is to transport around 1500 people a day back and forth from their house to the Yacht Club and Eagle Point, providing transportation from your front door to our front door. The plan is designed so members and guests will not need to use their cars unless going off the island.\

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Carter or Mari Frost at 910-686-0631.

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