Member/Guest Sponsorship Form

For the week of Wells Fargo Championship at Eagle Point Golf Club, the Yacht Club understands that there will be a large number of guests of members on the island that would like to participate in the various events of the week. If a member would like to sponsor a guest for the week all billing will go through the member’s account. Accordingly, the Club must have authorization in writing from the sponsoring Club member stating that the guest may use their member account. The sponsoring member is financially responsible for all of their guests charges. Payments for sponsored guests charges must come from the sponsoring member. The member will receive statements specific to each of their quests charges with their May statement, thus providing you the information for reimbursement, should you so choose.

Please keep in mind that Figure Eight is a private island. There will likely be numerous people here that are not familiar with our gate access and security procedures. Our routine security procedures will remain the same and in-force. Please ensure that communications with your guest are made clear. All guests must be called in as a guest. Specific notation will be made for persons staying on the island and day visitors. Due to the sensitivity of the potential persons staying on the island please anticipate enhanced security procedures to be implemented as needed.

Click the link below to download the Member/Guest Sponsorship Form.

Click here to Download Member/Guest Sponsorship Form


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